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Signs on the 3rd Anniversary

There seems to be more activity in the signs leading up to today, but there were some very specific signs today that I will share with you.

A fly had gotten into the house – a very common occurrence, but this fly was almost stalking me. All day long when I was working on my work computer or my personal computer it would come sit on the edge of the screen. After we got home from the cemetery it decided to hang around on my power cord. It didn’t move until my hand got very close.

Stalker Fly

Shortly after taking this picture I did not see the fly for the rest of the night.

When we were leaving for the cemetery and I was waiting for everyone to get in the car, I saw a number of flies land on the car. Below is a picture of two that I was able to get before we left.

While we were at the cemetery, I noticed a bunch of ants running in and out of the lower niche in her columbarium. That niche was completely empty. I am guessing that the next time I go out there I will not see any.

Ants at the Columbarium

Remember – keep your eyes open so you don’t miss your own signs of departed loved ones.