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A Day Full of Signs – May 14th

This is the year Sarah would have graduated. She participated in theater and chorus. Last year we started a memorial scholarship at the high school for the graduating class. Today is the day that this year’s scholarship was given out. Since everyone is social distancing and the usual scholarship ceremony would not happen. Sarah’s mom was recording a video to post. She went out on the deck to record a segment and we discovered that some new birds had moved in to the birdhouse attached to the deck.

I believe these are tree swallows pictured above and they gave an aerial display that was fun to watch. Small birds with quick aggressive turns and flew around and over us on the deck making lots of noise all the while.

Two different times when taking the dog out, in different parts of the front yard I was harassed by a bee. If you read the post about signs from the deceased you would know how that is significant. When Sarah’s mother got home a bee was harassing her when she got out of the car so bad she couldn’t close the door. I haven’t had this kind of bee activity in 2 years.

Probably the most interesting had to do with the virtual play. Sarah’s younger sister was in a virtual play. At the end of the play they were doing senior honors for those seniors in the theater department that were graduating. The last to be honored was Sarah. I didn’t realize the timing of it until her younger sister pointed it out. About the time they started talking about Sarah it started raining at the house. I was focused on the stories people were telling and what Sarah meant to them and didn’t think about the rain other than shutting the screen door.

After the honors were over it stopped raining and hasn’t rained in the 4 hours since then. Almost like Sarah was crying for missing her friends and family as much as we all miss her.

2 thoughts on “A Day Full of Signs – May 14th

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I wish I would have known Sarah as she sounds like a wonderful young lady and I believe with all the signs you all regularly experience, she is carefully watching over her loved ones.


    1. She certainly was a wonderful girl and had an impact and left impressions on so many people in her short 16 years on this earth.


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