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Many Signs Today

Today is the day that the columbarium was installed at the cemetery.

My day started by seeing a male cardinal on the bird feeder. This was soon after my wife and youngest daughter left the house.

My wife informed me that there were doves lined up on the power lines when she got out of the car at work, and a butterfly that landed on the window outside her office.

Before we left for the cemetery, my son was pulling the mower out of the garage to mow. A female American Goldfinch flew up and landed on the steering wheel of the mower. (Unfortunately the bird is blurry here in this screenshot)Bird on Steering Wheel

On the way to the cemetery, I stopped at the store and my wife stayed in the car. She told me that there was a dragonfly that came up to the window and was flying around right after I went into the store.

When we were at the cemetery, my wife pointed out 2 butterflies that were at the entrance she saw but I didn’t until she pointed them out. I have seen a lot of butterfiles around the house in the last week.

As a grand finale when we got home and I opened the garage door, a sparrow of some sort was in the garage and was flying around inside until the car was part way into the garage. We have lived in this house for 17 years, and this is only the second time I have seen this happen…both within the last 4 months.

Tomorrow will be a rough day, I hope I see more comforting signs.