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Graduation Day 2020

Drive In Graduation

So the school finally decided how to proceed with graduation. People were assigned spots and would be called up to accept the diploma and take pictures and it was broadcast over an FM station so you could hear it in the car.

Somehow the rainy day was appropriate for my mood. Sarah’s mother had the memorial set up on the hood of the car. I was parked in the next spot. When I stood up about 10 feet from the memorial the rose smell was very strong, it really took me by surprise. A rainy day and no breeze to speak of for the smell to be so strong was unusual.

They mentioned Sarah and had a moment of silence for her and listed in the program.

After we came home we saw our first hummingbird this year. I put out the hummingbird feeder and we have seen quite a few after that first one. They are elusive and I have not been able to get a picture of one today.