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Thanksgiving Without Sarah

One thing I have noticed is that cardinal visits seem to happen when you need them the most. Today wasn’t really a needy day for me, but it was for my wife.

Right before leaving for a Thanksgiving visit with family, my wife got these visitors when she was leaving. I am glad she was able to snap these pictures and send them to me.


My wife mentioned to me when she was at her Mom’s, her parents smelled perfume when no one was wearing any perfume in the house. Her Mom asked if my oldest daughter had put on perfume and when her Dad walked in a minute later he asked, but my wife or older daughter did not smell anything.

Something else I came across was a visitor outside my son’s bedroom window.  I was looking through the motion alerts and noticed this cardinal that had briefly landed on a small piece of wire casing outside the window. I can’t think of any reason for a bird to want to go there as there is no food and it is under a deck.

It was like she was trying to visit everyone today.