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The First Day of School Butterfly Encounter

On what would have been the first day of school for Sarah’s senior year of high school, my wife had a butterfly encounter which is detailed below along with pictures. This text was taken from her Facebook post about the event.

After a melancholy start to the day yesterday, I had the most incredible experience around lunchtime. I went to take fresh flowers to Sarah’s gravesite & as I knelt down to start trimming the stems, this small butterfly was flitting around & landed on my shoulder, staying there for several seconds & flew off when I tried to get my phone out to take a picture (but still stayed close by). It did it again as I was finishing up arranging the flowers (landed & flew off when I moved), so this time I held my hand out & waited…sure enough, it landed on my hand & stayed there a minute or two as I spoke softly to it, flying off a couple times but always staying around me (pics below). As I got up to leave, it landed on my hand again & stayed…and I mean stayed on my hand all the way to the car. When I opened the door, it tried to fly in but I said it would be too hot in there at which point it came back & hovered around my head. Only when I said, “I have to pick up Amanda at school now” did it fly away.

I was crying uncontrollably by that point, but it was different…not a deeply grieving cry as has happened so often when a “wave” hits, but a joyful/bittersweet cry as I truly felt Sarah’s continued presence with me for the first time as well as the presence of the Holy Spirit. Of course I know by faith the presence of both to be true, but to 100% without question feel it…cannot even begin to describe how amazing it was. ❤