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DIY Birdbath for under $40

Once I had established the bird feeders so that the bears wouldn’t bother them anymore, I decided I needed a bird bath so that the birds had a nearby source of water.

I wanted one with running water so that the mosquitos wouldn’t breed in it and something that wouldn’t evaporate very easily.

Even in 90 degree days, the water didn’t evaporate very quickly and lasted more than a day. I did find some algae growing in the container after about a month, but the cleanup was only 5 minutes.

I didn’t find anything to my liking online or else it they were between $100-$200 and I didn’t want to spend that much.

I had an idea and started looking around the hardware store and ended up buying 3 things to complete my project. See the receipt picture for list.

By simply taking a 15qt container, a container pump and a drip pan made for a water heater I had myself a running water birdbath for $37.32. I also bought a little $15 camping table to set it on since I didn’t have anything on hand.

I drilled a hole in the lid and pan using a hole saw fitting for the nozzle and secured them together. This container has hinged lid clasp to secure the lid to the container. I notched the plastic lid for the pump power cord so it wouldn’t get pinched over time and break. A simple utility knife did the trick there.

I plan on getting a fish tank warmer or equivalent before the weather gets cold so the water won’t freeze and the birds (and probably deer) will have water to drink when the creeks freeze.

You can see it in action with a happy customer in the picture below.


Bird Bath Receipt