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A Week for Dragonflies

I don’t ever remember seeing a lot if dragonflies until after Sarah’s passing. I do remember as a kid I would sometimes see them when playing around the creeks and woods, but not anywhere else.

This week we have been seeing quite a few dragonflies. It started when my wife went to pick up tickets for the high school graduation. This is Sarah’s graduating class and they are going to have a moment of silence during the ceremony.

Sighting 1:

As my wife was pulling of the parking space a dragonfly escorted her out of the parking lot right after picking up the graduation tickets.

Sightings 2 and 3:

We took a family trip to the beach. Sarah’s sisters and I were walking to the beach with the dog. A dragonfly was buzzing around us at the edge of the sand. Later on my wife went to the beach and told me she was also approached by a dragonfly, I had not told her about my dragonfly until she mentioned hers.

When we were leaving the beach, my wife had house flies all over her car in the parking lot of the hotel where we stayed.

Flies on the hood – more on top that you cannot see in this picture.

Sightings 4 and 5:

On our way back from the beach we all stopped at a large farmers market that was next to an Amish bakery. My wife and I went to the bakery while Sarah’s siblings stayed at the farmers market. My wife left while I was getting a pie. When I caught back up to her at the market she told me she had a large dragonfly escort her across a small bridge that connected the market and bakery parking lots.

I saw something move in my peripheral vision and whipped around back and forth looking to see what it was. My wife asked what I was doing and I said I thought I saw something and she said, yea there’s a dragonfly right there behind you and it flew away before I had a chance to see it.

This reminded me of the encounter I had of a dragonfly going back and forth over the hood of my car two years ago.

Yes, definitely a week for dragonflies.

Update. Just this morning my wife had an encounter next to the Rose bush planted that was a gift from a friend after Sarah’s passing.