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Today in Cardinals

I had checked the search ranking of the blog and this picture appeared from the Aware Foundation website. For some reason this picture really hit me hard last night when I saw it. I think it is because she looks so happy and full of love and it reminded me of how much I miss her.

Today I was doing some things in the driveway and was visited by many cardinals. After filling up the feeder I put the cup back in the bag and turned around to see a cardinal on a low branch looking at me inside the garage, it then flew away without eating.

If you scroll; down you will see I was able to get a video over 2 minutes long of a cardinal eating at the feeder that was about 10 feet from me. It wasn’t until I reviewed the video I realized a female cardinal was in the tree behind him watching.

Sarah Heart

Female in the tree at about 11 o’clock. She is facing to your right inside the circle. Hard to see. She flies away at 20 seconds in the video.

Hiding Female Cardnial