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Stop and See the Signs

Just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean I am not getting signs. This blog was created so that I may share my stories with others that knew Sarah that I may not be able to tell in person.

Since I have shared this information with people I have gotten a lot of in person feedback about signs they have experienced from their own loved ones.

What I have noticed is that I am not getting the direct bird kamikaze at the car like I did in the first few weeks after her passing. I’m not sure when it stopped but I just realized this week that it isn’t happening anymore.

It is now a daily ritual to fill up the bird feeder and I have a camera set up so I can watch a live stream anytime I want from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Sometimes I just sit about 15 feet away from the feeder and watch the activity around me while I have some coffee. Sometimes the cardinals will sit in the tree and watch me, sometimes go to the feeder and I have even seen them land on the feeder, look at me for a minute and not take a single seed before flying away.

Morning visitor right after filling the feeder

The next couple of weeks will be hard. Her columbarium is ready to be installed and in 2 weeks is her birthday.

So take a minute, slow down and look for the signs around you. Especially in those times a lost loved one is in your thoughts. You just may get some comfort from it.