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Go Ahead – Mock Me

I haven’t posted in a week, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been comforted by the birds and such.

Seems like lately wherever I am, work, home or out and about I hear birds, but I seem to hear the same calls/songs in every location. A couple days ago when leaving work I had a mockingbird fly from the area where my car was parked into a tree right by the sidewalk at about eye level. As I approached the tree next to the sidewalk it flew back towards my car. Seems like such a little thing but it is those little things that put a smile on my face when I am thinking about Sarah.

I had neglected the hummingbird feeder as I had not seen any hummingbirds approach it in quite some time. I saw one checking it out today and hurriedly cleaned and filled it with nectar and this little guy in the video below came right away an proceeded to eat for over 2 minutes straight!