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Birds – Bees and Butterflies

Today I was a busy day. Birds and Butterflies seemed to be all around when I was out and about, and the birds were very vocal. The butterflies I saw seemed to always be the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.

About a week ago I had set up a carpenter bee trap on my deck as I had seen one flying around a lot this spring. Today the trap had one in it and another flying around. My youngest daughter and I drove a mile away and released it.

And to top off the day, as my son and I were leaving for my youngest daughters band concert, a bright red cardinal flew along side us (passengers side) as I was leaving the driveway and perched on a fence around a new tree in the neighbors yard. It was only for a couple seconds and the dash cam really didn’t pick it up (no use posting it), but it is the circled in the pictures below and the arrow is where it perched. It stared right at us as we drove by.

The band concert was in the auditorium where we were last out with Sarah a year ago April 26th. My youngest had a band concert that night also and we attended.

Cardinal Perch 1Cardinal Perch 2