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Busy Week

It has been a pretty busy week. We got a shelter dog on Monday, I got a new car on Wednesday and the new dog got sick in my old car on the way to get the new car.

I noticed during these busy times the birds and butterflies that seem to be visiting. I would think about how much Sarah would have liked the new dog and the new car.

So this morning while waiting for my wife and daughter to come out of the house to go to church, I was treated to a few cardinals on the feeder. The car had been parked under the feeder and I started it up and backed it ups some while waiting. The birds did not seem to car that the car was running and I was able to snap a picture of this male cardinal right in front of the car (and all the fallen bird seed shells on the car hood!).

The second reading at church today was from Revelation 21 The number 12 is sprinkled throughout that verse. It reminded me of the importance of 12 in the bible and the fact that she had been missing 12 days.