Sarah Rose Genari

It’s the Little Things.

It is really strange how different things, unconnected things can make you think of someone you have lost. Today I was reminded of that.

Our dog pictured above had gotten so excited at my wife and daughters returning home from a hair appointment where they were for about 3 hours. With the pandemic the dog has gotten very accustomed to everyone being home almost all the time. When I told her mommy is home she let out an quick excited whimper and bolted for the door to greet them when they came in.

When I heard that whimper I realized how much the dog really missed them in that 3 hours and immediately my mind went to how the whimper also represented how much I miss Sarah after 26 months.

I’m sure from here on out things like this will continue to happen out of the blue, even though they seem to get farther apart they are just as significant and a reminder of what is missing from my life. I think they are meant to happen to make sure we remember those we have lost.