Signs from Sarah Rose Genari

Sarah went missing April 26th, 2018 and was found 12 days later on May 8th. This page is for details on the signs we have been given to not worry about her. Her obituary can be found here.!/Obituary

I came to the realization on May 12th, 2018 that Sarah had been sending us signs after her passing from the day after she went missing and still today as I write this blog. based on what I read at the link below. Specifically number 3 and number 8 at the link below. It is my goal to keep this blog updated with the signs after I experience them.



When Sarah went missing I experienced stress like I never have before in my life. I always felt a little more at ease sitting outside in the driveway listening to the birds and it made me somehow feel closer to Sarah. During the time the Police were searching and they would come to talk to me there always seemed to be a bee that would hover between me and the Police, usually closer to the Police. As far as I can remember it was every time the Police were talking to us outside for the entire time. They would occasionally try to shoo it away and it would normally just fly to the side and hover between waist and chest high.

On May 9th a good friend of Sarah’s and her friends mother stopped by and we were sitting in chairs on the driveway. As we were talking there was a particular bee that behaved strangely. As we were talking her friend asked “Did Sarah like Bees?” I said no she didn’t, then her friend said “It looks like that one is trying to get our attention.”

The bee had landed on the ground between us and a little to the side. It had done a couple of circles, flipped onto its back, flipped back over, did a couple of more circles, flipped back over to its feet and flew away.

On May 10th the Police stopped by and informed me that the Medical Examiner had positively identified Sarah by her dental records. They handed me a copy of the Sheriff’s press release. The entire time we stood at the edge of the garage there was a bee between the lieutenant and I being as annoying as possible.

May 12th

My wife, youngest daughter and I had driven around looking at the local cemeteries and a memorial garden to get a feel for the locations. I was determined to find a place where the birds were vocal and active, where you would get a peaceful vibe which I find lacking in most cemeteries. When we got back home and were getting out of the car. There was a wasp on the side with my wife and daughter that would not leave them alone. It was flying around and being so annoying that they couldn’t even shut the car doors.

Later on May 12th I was working under a car I had up on ramps in the driveway to get it ready for inspection. Just about every time I got under the car a bee would come under the car and fly around my head. It was so annoying that a few times I had to stop what I was doing and get out from under the car. After I finally finished working on the car I decided to go look up signs from the deceased (linked above) and the light bulb finally went off that Sarah was trying to communicate with me that she was OK and not to worry.

May 27th

My wife, youngest daughter and I were in church where Sarah will have her Funeral Mass and during the second reading there was a wasp that slowly flew across the pew in front of us and briefly landed on the woman in front of my wife. The woman shooed it away and it kind of disappeared until the Priest was giving his homily. He was referencing the reading:

“…heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ,
if only we suffer with Him
so that we may also be glorified with Him.”

and was talking about how we all have suffering and at that time the wasp flew in front of the altar and landed on a flower next to the tabernacle. The wasp stayed on the flower until shortly after the homily.

After the communion line but before the host had been put into the tabernacle (still kneeling). I was tearing up a little thinking of Sarah and staring at a ceiling fan trying to push the thoughts out of my mind so I wouldn’t go full on cry. When out of the corner of my eye I saw the wasp was flying slowly down the middle of the church but coming straight towards me. I looked over at my wife who gave me the slight nod that she saw the wasp and I turned back as it flew directly over my head. That is probably the most powerful insect sign that I have seen to date.

On a side note, on this same day an advertisement for a beehive showed up on my Facebook feed.


The signs from birds are really too numerous to note as I did not document all of the times I have had birds fly at or in front of my car since she went missing. What I will do is mention some of the more notable instances here. I would also say that most of these occurrences happen when I am thinking of Sarah and usually upset or tearing up/crying.

My paternal grandfather was very “religious” about taking care of the birds. He had this old beat up 5lb coffee can that he filled with bird seed and went out to fill up the bird feeders and throw seed on the ground. He did this on a schedule every day and even had 2 mallards that would show up and have dinner in the front yard (a little more on this later). My Grandfather and Sarah have the same birthday 86 years apart.

A good friend of ours who was helping us a lot during these troubling times went to let out her dog at 4:30 in the morning on the day Sarah was found. She said the birds were crazy loud so much that she mentioned it to her husband. When she finally went though her mail from the day Sarah was found, she had been sent a St. Anthony’s medallion (she did not order it). She had been praying to St. Anthony during the time Sarah was missing.

While Sarah was still missing, I was sitting in a chair in the driveway. A bird came at me so fast and low that I instinctively ducked and blurted out “Dude, what are you doing?”

A lot of times while sitting in the driveway birds would be hopping around on the driveway pecking at the ground, but I could never see them eat anything. I remember one bird I saw pecking at the ground multiple times while he had a worm dangling from its mouth.

On May 13th, 2018 (Mothers Day) I had just gotten off the phone with my mother and upset after reading a poem to her from my youngest daughter that was written when Sarah had been missing for 5 days. I opened the front door to hear birds being very vocal in the tree in front of me. Then a male cardinal flies past the porch and out of sight around the corner, but a female cardinal landed in the driveway hopped around and went into the tree behind it.

Bird May 13th

Just after that when my son and I were meeting my wife and youngest daughter at the church for mass, a bird buzzed my side of the car and less than 15 seconds later another bird buzzed my son’s side of the car. By buzzed I mean the bird flew straight at the windshield and turned up and away before hitting the windshield but close enough that it could not be missed/ignored.

May 17th

I was upset. A Blue Jay landed on top of the grill and looked in through the sliding glass door at me and then flew away as I was looking at a picture of Sarah. When I left for work and at the corner a quarter of a mile away there was a male cardinal in the road and a female cardinal was sitting on the fence. As I drove by the male cardinal flew into a tree behind the female but the female just sat on the fence and watched me drive past her. It was later that afternoon that I got a call that the medical examiner had completed the autopsy and her remains would be released.

May 20th

Around the same spot as the week before, we were going to church with 4 of us in the car, a bird flew directly up the street at the car swerving at the last second towards my wife’s side of the car.

Best seen at full screen on a large monitor.

May 25th

My oldest daughter and I were in Walmart and I was talking on the phone with my aunt discussing where they were staying for the visitation, funeral and talking about Sarah. I pointed out that there was a big bird INSIDE Walmart flying around the middle of the store by the roof. I pointed it out and went back to my phone conversation. As I started to walk towards the checkout still on the phone the bird flew directly over my head at the height of the shelf tops – incredibly fast. My aunt had told me during this conversation that she stopped seeding the front yard of my grandfathers house after he died. She said a mallard showed up a few days previously after not having been around for almost 5 years.

May 28th

I was about to write a Facebook post about these difficult times when I had an urge to look up and to the left through the sliding glass door and saw a female cardinal sitting on the deck railing looking in at me for a few seconds, I called my wife but it  jumped down from the railing onto the deck itself before she entered the room.

I will continue to update this site as I continue to get these signs from my departed daughter Sarah Rose Genari.

May 29th

I had dropped my oldest daughter at work and was drivng back home. Numerous birds were flying in front of the car, but this one almost hit me!

Bird almost hits car 5-29-18

The 3 second video.

June 2nd

Wife had 3 cardinals cross in front of her within a tenth of a mile by the house.

June 3rd

As we were getting ready for the visitation at the funeral home I was putting air in a low tire. I heard some chirping and saw a Cardinal watching me from the corner of the house above my oldest daughters room.

June 4th

As my oldest daughter and I were headed to the funeral mass we saw a mocking bird fly across the road in front of us. About 10 minutes later I mentioned that we hadn’t seen any cardinals and we would usually see them close to the house. She said it was still early and we still could seen one. About 5 minutes after that as we were approaching Flint Hill a cardinal flew right in front of the car. She said it was sitting on a branch and looked like it was waiting for us to approach before it flew across the road.

I had a powerful experience in the evening. I was planting a highbush blueberry for the birds and when I was done sat in the driveway. There were probably around 20 birds flying around and landing on branches and flying from tree to tree in front and around me. A couple of times a bird landed in the tree at the edge of the garage and hopped to the closest branch to me about 15 feet away.

Quantum theory of consciousness and soul.

Thank you for helping me keep her memory alive by reading this.

God Bless.