Sarah Rose Genari

The Peaceful Dragonfly

So today I was driving into work. I was listening to the daily Mass on the radio and I was thinking about some memories of Sarah and some memories at the same time. I flashed back to a time when I had come back from a Sunday Mass and one of the songs in the Mass that day was the “Prayer of St. Francis“, otherwise known as Make Me a Channel of your Peace.

I tried to talk her into learning the song and singing it for me. I said I would love to have a recording of her singing it, but she completely refused and I could not talk her into it. She said it wasn’t a good song for her/her type of song even though I disagreed and thought she would do great. The memory of the event is still vivid, I could picture it in my mind and hear her words in my head.

Within a couple of minutes of that thought the choir started singing that song on the radio. I was completely moved, almost like she was trying to tell me she wished she had done that for me.

Shortly after that – before the Mass was over – I was stopped at a light and a dragonfly buzzed me and I was fortunate to catch it on the dash cam.

Dragonfly Buzzes the Car

I have been working in this area for 25 years. During that time I have only seen 2 dragonflies buzz my car, both of them after Sarah died.

I like this video of the song. There are very few videos of it that I like

This is a sign that was very obvious to me – like a smack in the face!