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Three Katydids

Last night I was working on the car and in the span of 15 minutes had three Katydid encounters.

The first one I was in the garage and saw it entangled in a spiderweb. I grabbed it and put it in the yard by a bell pepper plant.

The second one I was looking at the tires because of a low pressure light and saw the second one on the front right wheel. This one was missing the left rear leg. I also moved this one by the bell pepper plant.

The third one (shown above) was on the window next to the front door. When I tried to get it on my finger it flew to the front door, it landed on this calendar.

Kind of interesting that the calendar was sent to me last year by the Arbor Day foundation with the cardinal on it and listing Virginia Arbor Day, April 26th (the date Sarah went missing in 2018). It also decided to land on September on the calendar (Sarah’s birth month).

I was able to grab it and put it in the front yard also.