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Mockingbird Comfort

I was feeling a little sad this morning for some reason. My wife had texted me that a cardinal had been on the side of the road and flew right in front of the car as she was driving down the street. Sitting on the side like it was waiting for her.

I had walked over to the sliding glass door to look at what my oldest daughter had done to prop up her seedlings to try to brighten my mood I was so sad.

This mockingbird flies from the back of the yard up to the deck raining and visits me.

In the video below, at about 7 seconds in you can see it fly up from the back of the yard and off camera on the right to appear on the deck a second later.

The interesting thing is that I was looking down at the plants that were on the floor and it’s like the mockingbird wanted to make sure I saw it.

Then you can see it hops on the railing towards the door closer to me. I stopped the video after it went off camera again, but it was around a little longer.