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Just like an Honor Guard

The columbarium was ready this week so we had a small graveside service today. When I first woke up I saw this big male cardinal on the feeder that looks exactly like the one in the drawing (I’m talking big belly) from my oldest daughter.

Columbarium Morning Cardinal Cropped

When we left the house with Sarah’s cremains for the columbarium as soon as I rounded the first turn, there were about 12 birds in the street that flew up and to each side of the road as we passed. All of us in the car were like “WOW, did you see that” and as I was thinking it my wife said “just like an honor guard”.

Well, after the service we stopped for lunch. As we were leaving there was an old man walking by himself that actually waved his arms and flagged us down. Started talking to us about have we travelled and kind of old man rambling if you will. I happened to look down and saw he had this large butterfly belt buckle. As soon as I saw an old woman tell him lets go, these people are trying to leave. I wouldn’t have thought much of it except for the belt buckle, it was pretty unique. My youngest said she noticed it also.

We went to a local winery after lunch and my kids stopped by the door because they saw a black and blue butterly and wanted to watch it.

When we finally made it home a cardinal was on the feeder and it looked like the same big male from the early morning, but it was a little too far away to tell.

Once I got in the house, I found that the figurine I had ordered from someone on eBay had arrived a day late so that it was waiting for me when I got home.


Cardinal figurine