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All Souls Day – November 2nd 2018

My wife, youngest daughter and I went to the cemetery on all souls day to pray for the plenary indulgences.

So the picture below was taken when we arrived at 6:03 p.m. The roses are 12 days old and the rest of the flowers are 26 days old at this point. They hold up well because the water is changed with plant food added every week along with the cooler temperatures.

If you notice there are a couple of purple petals laying beside vase.

During the time we were praying I saw a couple of more petals fall off the flowers. After we were done I picked up all the fallen petals to “tidy up” and my youngest daughter pointed out they were all purple (Sarah’s favorite color).

The second picture is at 6:13 p.m. (ten minutes later) and you can see there are definitely more petals than in the first picture.

While I was picking up the petals I also found a worm next to the wall that also wasn’t there when we started as it is not shown in the first picture.

Very interesting that more petals fell off while we were there (there was a light rain, but no wind) and only petals that were Sarah’s favorite color.

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