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Doing Laps in the Garage

Thursday and Friday the 15th/16th brought in bad weather, freezing rain and snow. That caused the power to go out Thursday around midnight. Friday morning when I woke up I was looking to get the heat going by running an inverter from the car battery. I opened the garage door and had to go back inside for something, I entered the garage to find a small black and white bird circling around the garage ceiling. I watched it do about 4 laps and said something like what are you doing in here? It then landed on the open garage door near the ceiling and looked at me. I said something like hi, what’s up? and the bird (maybe a White-breasted Nuthatch) flew 2 more laps around the garage and out the door.

I didn’t get a picture of that particular event as it happened so quick, but here is a bird drinking from my DIY birdbath.