Roberta Grimes Response

If you have read the blog you will know I reference Roberta Grimes blog on signs from the deceased. I contacted her through the blog (message below). Her response is down lower.

I recently lost my 16 year old daughter. She was missing for 12 days before she was found. During the time she was missing and right after she was found I started to realize the signs she was sending me after reading your blog. In dealing with my grief I have been writing a journal and telling the stories to people of the signs she has been giving us. Sarah has had a large impact on the community and in wanting to share these stories with those that knew her but I may not be able to tell personally I started a blog dedicated to her and the signs she has been giving us.
Some of these signs are so powerful to me.
Please read the blog.


Here is her response via email.

Hello Gino! I am so sorry for your loss of such a beautiful girl at such a young age! Please know that the evidence is overwhelming that when such young people die, they are virtually always very advanced beings who don’t need to live a long lifetime and learn further spiritual lessons, but rather they come and take a brief lifetime that will be a gift to their families. I don’t know whether that helps, but please know that Sarah is perfectly fine and happy!


Your signs are great, and I’ll bet you will be very glad that you recorded them! Many people tell me they haven’t heard from a loved one, but what they were expecting was far more dramatic than these gifts of love that Sarah has been giving to you in abundance. This is how Spirit works! I am so glad that Sarah is doing so much to comfort you! Please accept my hugs for you and for your family, and if you ever have questions you will know how to reach me!